Jummah Connect Features

For you, the Donor

Automated Jummah Donations

With Jummah Connect we want to give you, the donors, the best possible experience for making your donations on a Friday.

100% Donation Policy

Jummah Connect will ensure that every last penny you donate, goes straight to the organisation of your choice. We don't take a cut.

Automated Donations

Once you set up your subscription with the organisation of your choice, you'll never need to worry again about making a donation on Jummah again. You can also make a one-off donation as well.

Trusted, Fast, Simple

Using a secure and trusted payment system, we make sure that your donations go directly into your chosen organisations bank as quick as possible, not ours.

For you, the Organisations

Fast & Consistent Donations

With cash donations slowly coming to an end, make sure that your organisation can receive funds directly to your accounts every Friday with Jummah Connect.


You can see all donations to your organisation instantly.

Your Bank Account

Jummah Connect processes funds directly to your bank account.


Update donors where their money is being spent for everyone to see.

Simple Registration

The registration process takes 5 minutes and is fully supported.

Make Donations to Masjids and Charities

When you donate through Jummah Connect, you have the option to donate close to home at your local Masjid or to causes around the world through Charities.

Organisation Support

  • Keep Donors Updated

    Keep your regular donors updated from the admin panel.

  • View All Donations

    In the Jummah Connect admin panel, keep a track of all your donations that have come in to your organisation.

  • Support from Jummah Connect

    The Jummah Connect support team will be at hand when you have any queries or support.